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History and evolution
The bakery was created in 1950 by Ramon Castells and initially in conjunction with a millstone.

From then on it has been working uninterruptedly. Any elements of its structure have been changed, we have only allowed some improvements and the spirit in which this place was created, which its emphasis on manual work and craftsmanship quality is still present.
Main features and curiosities
The main features of the place are a Spanish wooden oven (not in the Moorish style), with the escopeta (the place were the wood is burnt) at one side, the mouth (from where the bread comes in and out) in the centre and the tir (smoke's exit) at the other side.

The hydraulic kneading is the only machine in the bakery, the rest of the elaboration is entirely manual (cutting, weighting, kneading) even the cupboards where the bread ferments are not mechanized.

The total time of elaboration of the bread from the moment the kneading machine starts working till it comes out from the oven is approximately five hours.

The old millstone, no longer working, is still by the oven.

Half kilo loaf (0,5 kg)
Round kilo and a half bread (1,5 kg)
Sweet flat cakes (only in high season)

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Since June 2012, the Bakery has the Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) certification by Generalitat de Catalunya for his bread, handmade for over 50 years

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