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C/Únic s/n
25526 Llesp

(Alta Ribagorça, Lleida)

The Bakery stands at 3.5 km on the L-500. This is the road running through the Vall de Boí, connecting Pont de Suert with Caldes de Boí and Boí-Taüll. The road branches off the main N-230, Lleida-Vielha, at 1.5 km outside Pont de Suert towards Vielha.

Llesp is part of the Borough of Pont de Suert, the administrative center of the Alta Ribagorca Region. It stands 900 m above sea level and it is overlooked by the peaks and forests of Serreres and Tossal de la Mina. The river Noguera de Tor runs through it. It was dammed about 50 years ago and as a consequence a marsh area (aigüamolls) rich in aquatic flora and fauna has developed.
Transport links
There is a twice daily coach service (Alsina Graells) between Barcelona and Vielha which stops at Pont de Suert:

Barcelona (6:30) - El Pont de Suert (11:00)
Barcelona (14:30) - El Pont de Suert (19:00)
El Pont de Suert (6:30) - Barcelona (11:00)
El Pont de Suert (14:30) - Barcelona (19:00)

(All coaches stop at Lleida which has a high speed train service to Madrid and soon will be connected to Tarragona and Barcelona)

From June 15th to September 15th there is a daily bus service (Alsina Graells) between Pont de Suert and Caldes de Boí
Caldes de Boí - Llesp (9:00) - El Pont de Suert
Caldes de Boí - Llesp (14:00) - El Pont de Suert
El Pont de Suert - Llesp (11:00) - Caldes de Boí

(All three services connect with the coaches from Barcelona - Lleida and Val d'Aran)

Taxi services in the area:
From El Pont de Suert, Vilaller and la Vall de Boí
Routes and distances
Distances from some cities:
(click on the link to see the itinerary)

- Lleida: 127 Km
- Barcelona: 277 Km
- Andorra: 145 Km
- Perpignan: 405 Km
- Toulouse: 205 Km
- Zaragoza: 223 Km
- Huesca: 405 Km
- El Pont de Suert: 5 Km
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Transport Agencies:
  Alsina Graells

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